Building Management Services

Our Alarm handling software is Sentinel Plus, and is compatible to receive all types of building management signals.

We accept alarms in Pin, Sia & Contact ID Formats.

Transmission Paths: -

We are fully compatible with Redcare (Classic, GSM & ISDN), Digi Communicators, and the Webway 2424 IP Communicator.

Some of the types of fault signals we can receive are:-

  • Air conditioning failure
  • A/C failure
  • Boiler Alarm
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Freezer alarm
  • Data lost
  • Earth fault
  • Environmental
  • Gas alarm
  • Medical
  • Network failure
  • Telephone failure
  • UPS fault

These are only an example of some of the types that can be handled, but if you need your Building management services monitored contact us

We will action activations as per the customer’s requirements; with the aim of offering a customer focused professional service to all your customers at the keenest prices to yourselves.