Installer Support Services

At 24/7 our aim is to give the installer a service as if it was the installers own Alarm receiving centre. By providing a Quality Customer service operation to installers and their customers.

Remote Reset Service

We offer resets for over 30 systems, from the most popularly used alarm panel manufactures, which is built in to our alarm receiving software, and are more than happy to reset your customers*.

Engineer Allocation & call answering service

If we are unable to reset your customer or one of your customers phones in and requires technical support we are more than happy to forward the call on to your “on call Engineer”, even if your engineering staff cover call topographically we are more than happy to filter your calls for you.

Installers Remote Access

At 24/7 monitoring you are able to gain secure remote access to our alarm database, giving you functions such as log viewing, changing keyholders, changing site details. This feature gives you the installer a powerful management tool to assist you and your customers. 

* Compliant with DD245 reset policy